• Our first hour long documentary!

    Feels like this is something we’ve been chasing for a while, and we were finally given the opportunity to direct, shoot and edit our first long form documentary through Whisper Films. The documentary followed one of, if not the most iconic racing team in history while they developed their new F1 racing car for the 2014 season.

    It’s been quite the ride. It aired on TV internationally over the weekend with literally millions of eyes seeing it. Pretty cool. We’re stoked to have gotten the opportunity to develop and test ourselves in new ways on this.

    Here’s the a link to the 30 second teaser…



    Horse Power – The Trailer from Whisper Films on Vimeo.

  • The Immortalists - SXSW 2014

    The guys at Dogpatch Films, Jason and David gave us a shout almost two years asking us to film a scene here the UK on a feature documentary they were directing called The Immortalists.

    Fast forward to 2014 and it’s just had its World Premiere at SXSW, which is massive, congrats guys. It’s come on such a long way since we originally heard from them, the trailer looks great, the access looks fresh and honest, and the story is fascinating.

    Check the trailer below…

  • Sebastian Vettel Insight

    This is a short film we recently made for Red Bull Racing on behalf of Whisper Films on the racing driving Sebastian Vettel. He’s a good egg, and it turns out he likes mountains. Nice one.

  • Food Network

    We recently ventured in to the world of TV cooking for the Food Network shooting and lighting a series of baking shorts for Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

    The F5 loves cakes, we do too.

  • Renault promo in Dubai

    Here’s a little promo we shot for Renault out in Dubai. It’s quite hot out in the UAE, filming in 35degrees isn’t that pleasant. Sweaty but fun times and a great assortment of ex-pat British crew.

  • Getting dirty at 240fps

    Getting dirty at 240fps

    Just wrapped on a shoot where we tried out the new raw high speed function on our F5. It’s got limitations as discussed all over the web, but it still looks cracking. Bring on the 2k OLPF or the Super16mm crop mode and it’s going to be killer. Nice one Sony.

  • German KPMG adventures

    German KPMG adventures

    We’ve been wearing our corporate camouflage for accountancy giant KPMG in Germany the past few weeks.

    After reading an awesome article in the latest issue of Huck magazine, we’ve been keeping our interview shots super simple using only natural light and bounces as demonstrated here by a smart shirt and chino’d Willus. How very Roger Deakins of us, no big deal.

  • Dior


    We recently did a shoot for Dior on behalf of Hogarth UK. The new SR codecs had just been released for the F5/F55 cameras so we decided to take this opportunity to try out the SR Lite 422 version.

    To our eyes it looks incredibly clean. We’ll post up some more grabs in the coming weeks/months as we use the various flavours of SR more and more.

  • Russia


    Believe it or not, this paddock is about as much as we saw of this fascinating place.

    Airport, customs, Moscow Raceway (not anywhere near Moscow by the way) hotel, HEAVY traffic, MISSED flight, hotel, airport, customs, home.

    Another DTM adventure.

  • New Model Army Documentary

    New Model Army Documentary

    Around three years ago our friend Matt Reid set out to document a band he’s followed since his teenage years. New Model Army’s story is a fascinating one and there happens to be some amazing archive footage to complement it.

    We’ve been lucky enough to help shoot bits of the documentary here and there over the last few years and it’s great to see it all come together.

    More recently we’ve done a little edit for a track off the new album, ‘March in September’ which is due out ironically in September I believe.

    Above is a frame grab from a recent live performance shot on our new Sony F5 using a Leica R summicron f2 lens.

    Update: Single is out. Here is the video we edited for it!

  • Channel 4 Ramadan - The Adhan (Muslim call to prayer)

    We were recently commissioned by Channel 4 and Watershed TV to direct a 3-minute version of the Muslim call to prayer (Adhan – recited by Hassen Rasool) to be broadcast daily at sunrise throughout this years month of Ramadan. Given it would be the first time to be broadcast live on UK mainstream television, there was a great sense of responsibility to do something as beautiful as the Adhan justice while not provoking non-muslim viewers.

    Lots of late nights and stressful times.. but we, Watershed TV and fortunately C4 are super pleased with the result.

    Channel 4’s decision to broadcast it has been met with both criticism and trepidation, The Sun ran a front page story titled Ramadan a ding dong and the Guardian ran this report. Whatever your beliefs and point of view, it’s hard to deny the aural beauty of the Adhan.

  • Marks & Spencer's Doc

    Marks & Spencer's Doc

    We’re shooting a doc for M&S. Can’t tell you any more than that… it’s a secret.

  • DTM from Nuremberg

    DTM from Nuremberg

    Trunk’s been covering a few rounds of the German touring car championship this year for ITV Sport produced by Whisper Films. Round 5 was from the Norisring in the fascinating city of Nuremberg. You can catch all the action on ITV PLAYER

    The street circuit is situated on the grounds of Hitler’s famous Nuremberg rallies in the 20’s & 30’s. The plinth from where Hitler used to give his speeches to hundreds of thousands attending the Nazi party rally still remains and is part of the start finish line grandstand, the paddock is on the Zeppelin field. Although these grounds have a dark dark past, on this sunny weekend in July every year, all is forgotten and turned in to something really positive.

    Above is a shot from the track guide we filmed with Audi driver Jamie Green. Some of the best light i’ve ever filmed in.

  • BBC3 Free Speech

    BBC3 Free Speech

    A recent shoot for ‘Free Speech’ on BBC Three (Question Time for the youth) took us to Woolwich and the murder site of drummer Lee Rigby. To see the outpouring of condolenses from all walks of life was a humbling experience.

    The resulting VT will be broadcast live on BBC3 at 7pm 12th June. Tune in!

  • The Williams 'Book Light'

    The Williams 'Book Light'

    We finally got the chance to test out the ‘book light’ lighting set up on a recent shoot at Williams F1 in Oxfordshire. It’s awesome.

    Bouncing a 2.5k HMI off a poly and then through frost creates a beautifully subtle and soft key light, then using a Kino for the fill and Fresnel for hair. We’re super happy how it turned out.

    Also, Frank Williams might be the nicest man alive.

    For tips on how to make it happen, go to Shane Hurlbut blog

  • BT Sport

    BT Sport

    A pretty manic shoot day was had for BT Sport the other week as it gears up for launch… 2 F5’s in separate locations capturing various bits of content they’ll use in upcoming promos.

    This particular landscape of London from Primrose Hill with the BT Tower in the right of frame (straight out of the F5 with no grade) was achieved by getting up at around shit ‘o’ clock. Long ass day.

  • DTM highlights on ITV4

    DTM highlights on ITV4

    This year we’ll be camera op’ing 5 rounds of the German touring car championship (the DTM) through Whisper Films for ITV Sport.

    It’ll be broadcast every saturday the week after the race has happened on ITV4 at 10AM. We’ll keep you up to date with which races have been Trunk’d.

    If like most people, you’ve no idea what the DTM is, it’s this:

  • Silverstone British GP promo

    Silverstone British GP promo

    Trunk directed/edited this promo for Silverstone through Whisper Films. We had a great time being thrown around by professional driver Andrew Bentley and ex-F1 racer David Coulthard for the day.

  • University of Greenwich

    University of Greenwich

    We’ve been producing some content for the University of Greenwich through Media Trust.

  • New Model Army - Bradford

    New Model Army - Bradford

    Our good friend TV director/producer Matt Reid (The Savoy, John Bishop Sport Relief, Comic Relief trekking) is making a feature documentary about 80s punk rockers New Model Army.

    We’ve been DP’ing bits and pieces for him throughout the production and on a recent trip up to Bradford (where the band are from) we shot the title sequence.

    Here’s a screengrab of the F5 eating up Bradford’s low light. At base ISO 2000, we’re blown away with how clean the image is. F5 loves night time.

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