The Superman


Featured on National Geographic.

A lone freediver escapes to another world underwater where his impossible dreams become reality. The Superman is a labour of love project for directors Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White, made in collaboration with Freediver Francisco Del Rosario and Bamford Watch Department. The short film follows Del Rosario, who lives on the remote island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands.

Directed by Jack Pirie & Alex Hylands-White

Produced by Nick Ogden

DP: Will Billany (Trunk)

Underwater Photography - Francisco Del Rosario 
& Karsten Mohr @ Freediving El Hierro

Edited by Gabriel Britz @ Stitch LA
Sound Design & Mix - Jeff Malen @ Lime Studios
Colourist - Derek Hansen @ The Mill
Translation - Leyre Bastyr

Original Music composed by Alan Myson