Formed in 2009 by directors Will Billany and Steve Middleditch, Trunk is directing shooting duo who produce a diverse range of commercial content from conception to broadcast; from branded content, to advertisement and television documentaries. The Trunk formula combines strong narrative with a beautiful, clean aesthetic to deliver a highly engaging message to your audience.



Trunk: Working in Canada’s Coast Mountains in 2006, Will and Steve bonded over a shared belief; that the best way to captivate audiences is to combine compelling storytelling and beautiful imagery. Now based in London, Trunk Films has worked all over the globe, producing content for UK, European and International audiences. We have worked with brands such as Red Bull and O2, NGO’s like the Stop AIDS Campaign and broadcasters including BBC, Sky, Channel 4 & Current TV.

Still, we’ve managed to keep Trunk compact. Working with a mix of a highly talented and adaptable core team, and an extensive network of trusted freelancers allows Trunk to tailor itself to your production needs, big or small. Trunk films can help you take your project from conception, to broadcast, or handle any of the steps between. If you’re interested in what we do and would like to know more, drop us a line or email us at:

“There is nothing like having Trunk Films on location with us. Enthusiasm, creativity and hard work sets Will and Steve out from others. Stunning cinematography is their calling card.”
Sunil Patel: Director, Whisper Films

“At last an outfit that put a high production look at the top of the list without pricing themselves out of market. In an age of poor production value Trunk are a breath of fresh air”
Jim Wiseman: Director, BBC Top Gear

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