We (Steve and Will) aren’t brothers by birth but otherwise might as well be. Meeting on a winter season in BC, Canada we quickly found a shared love of the outdoors, photography and people. This kaleidoscope of interests turned out to be an ideal recipe for documentary filmmaking. We then both moved to London and began documenting people and their stories.

Our style and approach is honest and simple. We have a strong visual aesthetic that is known for being both raw and cinematic. Ultimately, we strive to make content that moves us, as well as capturing the essence of our subject.We believe in people and the power of a good story. 

We co-direct and DOP content as Trunk as well as DOP'ing individually for other directors.

We want the making of our films and films we work on to be enjoyable for ourselves, our clients and most importantly our contributors and talent. 

As our woody inspired name suggests, we like trees. That's why we offset our travel by supporting the hometree project.

We're still not cool. 

Trunk x